Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2009

Cherrypal und ein Blick zurück

Hi world,

etwas research und dann ein

Man sollte sich das gut durchlesen, bevor man daran denkt an "cherrypal africa" zu glauben und die ersten tatsächlichen unabhängigen Erfahrungsberichte abwarten, denn davon scheint es bisher noch keinen einzigen zu geben. Man könnte glatt den Eindruck gewinnen, dass das Geld über die Feiertage zu locker sitzt, glauben vielleicht manche.


PS: das nennt man wohl "Hinhaltetaktik" oder?

  1. Hi, I thought I’d leave a note here in case anyone’s looking for updates. I have spoken three times with Max Seybold, who has been very pleasant and apologetic about the glitches hindering the distribution of the first batch of orders. Here goes:

    1. The phone line keeps breaking — and was out entirely for the first week of the Africa launch — but when it’s working, Max picks up the phone right away and ready to help out. He’s really nice, but there’s nothing he can actually do to fix the issues with the shipping because …

    2. The distributor in Hong Kong bundled all the orders into one huge shipment without authorization to do so, so there was only one tracking number for all the laptops together as they made their way to Alaska. (This is why your order has never been updated from “Pending” status.)

    3. Once in Alaska, the units shipped out individually — with tracking numbers — but the list of tracking numbers is fairly useless to Cherrypal, because they don’t know which order number belongs to which package. Max seemed reasonably confident that the shipment was “on time,” which I’m inclined to disagree with only because of the New Year’s Day holiday and Sunday (no mail). That’ll slow things up a bit. But from my conversation with him, it seems reasonable to expect packages to arrive next week.

update2: (wird immer geiler :))

  1. Update

    Today, many of us received this message:


    In short – we all had to re-order with a new “promised” 10 day delivery.

    Problem is this…less than 12 hours after re-ordering, “google checkout” (the new order-processing system) dumped Cherrypal as a merchant. The specific quote in the email was,

    “Google Checkout no longer processes orders for this merchant. If you’d still like to make a purchase from Tristate Cherrypal, please contact this merchant directly or feel free to retry your order with another merchant.”

    So, another refund, another delay, and another promise unmet.

    I hate to say it, but I’ll dish out the extra $100 to buy a post-holiday netbook from a supplier that is at least remotely sincere and reliable.

    I wish Max all of the best, but his business model is evaporating with his customer service.

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  1. niemand hat wohl bisher einen cherrypal bekommen. es wird der verdacht auf betrug recht häufig im netz geäussert. schade.